Rotate map to the driving directon ???
  • Is there any setting the I can use to set the map (2D mode) to rotate towards the driving direction ? I know they I can do this manually by pressing the right button on the screen but how can this be set so I don't have to do it manually all the time? I tried playing with the 2D and 2Dnorth settings but they are not working like I want.
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  • settings > navigation > navigation map mode
  • Yes, I already tried those settings but I cant seem to get it to work. I always have to press that button on the map. The button always has an icon that looks like a folded map when I open the navigation program. When I press the button the icon changes and become like a compass, then the orientation is correct.

  • it works fine for me
    I himk you are in map mode, not navigation mode
  • How do you change between map and navigation mode ?

  • when you start navigation you are in navigation mode
  • I un-select rotate map to keep direction of travel and every thing is fine until I close and reopen navigator.  The settings revert back.  How do I save the settings to be the default?

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