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  • Hi

    I`m preparing for a Costa Rica trip and just got started with the app. I bought and downloaded the TomTom Maps. When I enter a start point and a destination, using any address from the proposed addresses and then hit „navigate“ it just says „Calculating Route“ and the yellow traffic light blinks, but it actually never finds a route and never starts.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks and kind regards
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates, we will check
  • I just heard from support that it‘s actually not possible to make a dry run from abroad.
    navigator will always take the current position as starting point. That‘s why it didn‘t work (of course the question remains why it‘s even possible to set a start point if this doesn‘t work anyway).

    For me the problem is solved. Thx to support for their swift reply.

    Kind regards
  • that is not whaat I wrote
    to calculate route with start other then your position, you must use Show on map from Route info, or Calculate route from Tools

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