Destination and Lane Assistant on Mapfactor free maps
  • Seems like the lane assistant tags are ignored in lastest 3/4 builds of the free OSM mapfactor map for italy on android.
    Tried various combinations about Mapfactor version (3.x 4.x and the last 5.5.x) along with some old version of italy_osm.mca and also with the latest (italy_osm.mca 20190805 build).

    Results are shown by the following screenshots taken running a simulated path to illustrate the problem with the latests italy map build.

    latest italy_osm.mca version-20190805 - Mapfactor 5.5


    older italy_osm.mca version-201712080 - Mapfactor 5.5


    latest czech_republic_osm.mca version 20190920

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  • did you check osm data?
  • yes, the tags are the same as 4 yeas ago on the ways appearing in the above screenshot, and seems to be the right tags about turn:lanes and destination as the old build italy_osm.mca has shown:

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