Used to work ok, after update it is behaving oddly
  • Android phone/free version

    I bought and installed the Tom Tom maps a while back but no idea what happened to those. lol.

    Ok, I have been using this app for a few years, and up till now it has been perfectly useable.

    Following recent app and map updates it has lost its mind??

    First test was a drive down a pretty straight main road/dual carriageway route in South Wales. The map froze, the voice went out of synch with the map, and the map starts rotating. My vehicle was not displayed on the road but to one side of it. I then get recalculating even though I am on the original route. Even on straight roads I am shown as being on a road to the right or left, and the navigation acts as though I was physically there. Directions relate to those roads, not the road I am on.

    If I lose the route in my head and make a wrong turn, it's endgame. The GPS thinks I am on a different road and tries to direct me back onto the correct road, but I am not on either the road indicated on the map, or the correct original route. At this point neither the voice, the map, or the route bear any resemblance to each other. The recalculating system goes into overload.

    Everything was working fine until the last update? I have tried using the GPS on two journeys, and watched closely the second time. I am not displayed as being on the road that I am on, and the GPS doesn't recognise that I am on the road that I am on.

    I've tried numerous reboots, exiting the app, changing settings etc, but no change.

    Any suggestions?
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  • GPS is controlled by Android, Navigator cannot make GPS reception better or worse.
    Try to reboot your device, it quite often helps.

  • Do have other apps using GPS? How do they behave in the same situations?

    @tomas How often should he try to reboot, if "numerous" (see the last but one line of @Wibblywobbly) do not help?
  • I wonder how just one reboot will work out, when numerous do not.

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