Displaying Waypoint labels
  • Displaying Waypoint labels

    I understand that having voice announcement of the waypoint text label is difficult to implement.
    Also, understand that  having the waypoint labels to be displayed  as soon as the waypoint appears on the screen is not possible as text is dynamic and will appear when there is space for it or not appear at all. 

    How about this as a solution.

    Having the waypoint name displayed at the bottom information panel - location line. 

    - Suspend the location (road/place) display when approaching the waypoint.  
    - Display the WP label until the WP is reached. 
    - Revert display to Road/Place 

     or display the WP label somewhere else on the screen. 

     I am sure it's doable. It will be of great help to the ones who plan routes with waypoints.
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  • Lets hope one day........... [-O<

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