MapFactor won't read my GPS
  • Any help is appreciated, it may not be the mapping program itself that's at fault

    So, I'm using a Panasonic toughbook. It has a built-in GPS unit. The GPS unit works and is fully functional, however MapFactor won't read the GPS output. When it's plugged into the Internet GPS coordinates pop up, but they seem to be derived from my IP address. When the Internet is not plugged in, it says I need to enable Windows' ability to share my location with "apps". I've checked this several times, all options are selected correctly, had a Microsoft service person double-check for me, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Cheers, anyone got any ideas?
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  • yes, this issue has been resolved in the latest version
  • When was that released? I installed this earlier today.
  • approx one month ago
    which version do you have?
  • I have, I installed through Windows app store... The online manual shows how to install GPS, but the pictures and description do not correspond to what I see when I activate it; there is no option to configure GPS settings. I just got the free version; do I need to get a paid-for version to use GPS with it??

    And thankyou for your responses, it is appreciated.

    Edit: There are no advanced settings or setup so far as I can tell; the thing is an unhelpful black box... Any help would be appreciated.
  • there is nothing to configure in Windows phone version

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