During navigation no voice is heard
  • I installed the software and tried to navigate. I set up as en-us and all there is is silence. It cuts off the radio but there is no voice.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • try to delete sounds and redownload
  • Did that no help
  • may be it is muted?
  • How do you mute it? The wince device is playing the radio fine. When I try to adjust the vlume on the Navigator the slider is at the top.
  • in Windows CE version it is bottom right in navigation mode
  • I will give it a look. I found a version 17 navigator and it does not work either. BUT both do silence the radio so it does "see" the unit.
  • Some more info. Using rel 17 I set up to navigate to a destination and without the engine running I could barely hear the the "computing route" voice. The slider for the volume is at the highest point on the volume slider.

    Now I found a value     <sound_volume>100</sound_volume> in settings.xml. No matter what I do to the volume slider this value does not change. (I turned on autosave already). So I was wondering if I could edit that value to something larger? Is that a percentage (like 100% volume)? If it is a value like the size of roads icons etc what are the min max number that can go in there?

    New info: the value of sound_volume makes no difference either.
  • Blaupunkt 6.2" In-Dash Touch Screen Navigation Receiver NMGPS4019

    I am using this receiver and the navigation software (that came with it kudos 7.5) has a voice, but Map Factor does not. I have tried everything...older versions 17.0 Settings.xml has volume set at 100, slider at top and the best I get is a faint voice saying computing route, with engine off. Is there some magic setting for audio in this unit I need to make voices work?

    Or is this just a problem with Mapfactor free and this unit. I would purchase the software BUT without voices it won't happen.

    If you have things to try I would be most agreeable to "test" different scenarios for you.

    Just found this:

    In the Settings.xml file line 8 says     <sounds>en-us</sounds>

    the .mca file name is  sounds_en_us.mca  anything?

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