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  • Navigator Free 5.0.62

    When I put in the following: Start@42.971954,-85.76443, Destination@42.987255,-85.80532 it produces this route which is what I would expect. 

    The problem is that I want to avoid making a left turn onto M-45 which is a busy 5 lane road so I put in waypoint1@42.972145,-85.7622 which will force a right turn onto M-45.  It then recalculates this route

    But I know that there several quicker/shorter routes that it could select.  For example if I put in waypoint2@42.976482,-85.74687 it will recalculate this route.   This route is half the distance and half the time of the route that it calculated with just waypoint1, and it should have selected this route without having to put in the second waypoint (IMHO).

    I have not messed with any of the route preferences except to turn off u-turns in the vehicle settings.  

    Anyone have any ideas how I can avoid this sort of scenario?  If I was in an unfamiliar area I would probably not be aware that there was a better route than the one Navigator was proposing.
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  • Hi, if you are using the quickest way, it has probably something to do with the vehicle profile - either the Maynard street is not allowed "small local road" or it is just a street with too low speed to be quicker (in terms of the calculation). What are the calculated times for routes 2 and 3?

    (Personally I use premium with three alternative routes, where there could be both alternatives to choose from.)

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