How does HD Traffic work for alternative routes
  • I did have HD Traffic and I used it on my Android head unit in the car. However, every time a new firmware is released for my unit, the license is no longer valid. Somehow this license is coupled to  "some things" in my head units Android that keep changing over firmware updates.
    That is something in how the manufacturer does that but that is not my question as MNF can't help/solve that.

    However, it seems that no further releases will come for my head unit, so the id will now remain constant. That means I could switch to HD Traffic again, but before I do that I want to know how it works (as I no longer can see/test that myself at this moment).
    In the past Navigator automatically switched to a different route based on the traffic, even if I had to travel 600 km and the traffic jam was after 450 km. That is ridiculous as by the time I have reached that traffic jam (after 4-5 hours and 450 km), it probably does not exist at all anymore.
    So I want to decide myself.
    Most apps having this HD Traffic options have a setting like:
    • prefer original route
    • prefer recalculated route
    • Let the user choose
    Where the first two options give the user 30 seconds (or 45? or 60?) to choose a route, and the 3rd just waits for the user to pick a route.
    And it does this every hour or so in case the traffic jam is quite persistent (had that in Germany when I did have to travel 830 km with a traffic jam after 600 km for which the road had to be closed after some time).

    What is now implemented in MNF?
    As I do NOT want MNF to make the decision for me.
    (And the Support page doesn't mention this either. I think it should be updated:

    And if this is not implemented then this is a feature request :)
    Feature request:
    To select an alternate route in case of traffic jam: 
    - Use above mentioned 3 options in the settings.
    - Check/Recalculate every hour or 100 km (what comes first) in case of a "persistent" traffic jam.

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