App crashes on exit
  • Is it just me - almost every time I exit the app it crashes. No matter what I do. Usually after closing the ad that pops up after exiting. The annoying thing is that the app restarts after crashing so that I have to hit exit again. Any help?
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  • close Navigator and Clear data in Android settings > application manager > Navigator - then reboot your phone.

    folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/

  • I have this problem a very long time, many years. It crash not everytime after short using, it crash on exit when it used a long time, most time when long time gps nmea recording. Therefore i close the app never, i let it stay and turn just the gps off. When i go out, turn wlan off and gps on. this works good.

    When a update comes it exit automatically while the update setup without problems. And a other method for a exit without crash is restarting the android taschenrechner.

    please dont waste time with deleting settings and making the same settings in alot of time new and have then the same problems again - like a senseless clean install of windows.

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