No speed signs in map mode
  • Hi MF-Team,

    my mapfactor doesn't show the speed-signs in only map mode. 

    When it runs in navigations mode all signs are shown, but when I stopp navigation the signs disappear from the screen. 


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  • I use Navigator for a log time. I think long time ago speedcontrol was possible.

    Please realize this feature.
  • Agree. I asked for this long ago.
  • Hi,

    first of all I moved this threat to "feature request".

    Here in Germany the goverment just refurbished the act about speed trap alarm apps and functions. 

    I'm using POIbase in background for speed trap alarm, because it's much more flexible in the settings. But I'm also use the POIbase Icon for showing the speedlimit and for overspeed alarm. So the alarm icon is always at the screen.

    for me (and many others) it's more and more important to show the speed
    signs also in map mode like in nav mode (incl. overspeed alert!)

    For all who agree please click the little up arrow in the blue box at the left side of my first post. Only requests with many votes have a chance to be set to the todo-list. ;)

  • Hello Mapfactor-Team,

    no answer to my question???

    It seemed, that the speed signs are only shon in navigation mode. So when I'm using the "map-mode" (only show the map while driving) there are no speed signs shown at the map. When I'm driving the road with navigation switched on, the signs are shown. 

    I think it's show the signs only in navigation mode.

  • I agree. It would be great to see speed limits in map mode, even when not navigating. At the same time, speed warnings should be optional in map mode.
  • ...after the last changing in the German penalty
    catalog it becomes much more important to see the speed signs also in map mode!


    @mapfactor team:
    are you developing the android version further or will
    you stop with that? Since a few month there is nothing new and there is also no
    new online search. 

    Maybe it will be good idea to tell the users what is
    planned to do next?


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