truck version misc?
  • I was happy last night after getting the truck version of tomtom and it appears to route correctly in Northeast US.  A few questions:

    1. I bought the north america package @$52 so am I paid forever for this?

    2. Are tomtom truck maps updated often?

    3. If I switch routing profile to car am I getting the same data as I would get ater buying regular tomtom? (non truck)

    4. Is there a way to route with the free osm data still?  I know it does not have truck.

    5. I was trying so many apps last night I lost track...did it allow me to select SD card to  download maps?

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  • 1. TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%
    you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release.

    2. quaterly

    3. yes

    4. yes, you can switch in settings/map manager/data source

    5. settings/map manager/change to SD

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