New "luxury" gripe with waypoints
  • The behaviour of the waypoints list could be better. There is an optimize button, but I fail to notice its effect. The way I work is to set a target and follow the suggested route. I then set a waypoint I want to reach and observe the calculated route and if it does take the path that I want to go to that first waypoint. If it does, fine. If it does not, I put another waypoint on the desired route where it is most distant from the suggested route.This new waypoint goes to the end of the list. I need to drag it to its proper position (could the optimize button do that?). After that, the waypoints list is displayed from the top, not the moved waypoint. To see if the move was correctly done, I need to scoll down with the risk of acidentally shifting other waypoints (in a list of 50 or 60). There is enough room for a scrollbar and button on the side. This would help in scrolling down without the risk of shifting other points. Alternatively, the focus could be on the moved item. Could the other waypoints perhaps split visually to indicate where the moved point is to be dropped?
    Everything kind of works, but I need to wait for 2 complete recalculations for 1 waypoint (in a list of 50 or 60).
    (Why have a satnav at all? I want to have the computation of ETA and distance to go. And radarCam warnings.)

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