Major road appears blocked when in fact it is not
  • This state border post along E-30 is blocking routing in both directions as these two trunk roads under the roof of the post are considered resticted by Mapfactor:

    If I click exactly on these trunks a message baloon is displayed saying "Selected road is in restricted area! Do you really want to set the routing point in restricted area?!" with no way to say Yes. There used to be an incorrect tagging of "access:destination" in OSM for these trunks three months ago that has been since removed two months ago.
    This completely blocks E-30 along Belarus-Russia border and results in bizarre routing.

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  • Latest Belarus map is from mid of december, so probably data for processing the map could be downloaded as early as November. It seems that you "only" have to wait for an update of the Belarus map. That seems to me to be in the time range we often discussed here between changes made in OSM maps and processing and publishing done by Mapfactor.
  • Yes, it seems to be the case with one exception, it's Russia Center, not Belarus map I think.

    BTW, is there a way to download a previous version of the map, or some kind of third-party archive for these maps?
    I use Mapfactor since Windows CE era for really long routes (2000km+) where it is the best software IMO, but always has been vary of updating maps because of these unexpected issues with pundits editing OSM breaking routing, have even edited about six locations myself in OSM to fix it.
    Now I have a new phone and I'll try to use a year old mca that I might have in old phone backup, but having some kind of official archive would help a lot..
  • Well, it seems there are only last maps being kept on production servers.

    But I have found a workaround for this - you have to put an intermediate
    point on a blocked road stint. In the PC Navigator the dialog pops up
    telling you "Selected road is in restricted area! Do you really want to
    set the routing point in restricted area?!" and you can select Yes. In
    Android version the same popup appears as the balloon, you can't select
    anything, but the intermediate point is still being placed regardless of

    After that you can place your destination point as you would normally do and routing works as expected.
  • It appears that new maps for Russia had been released February 1st, not sure if it is a coincidence or a prompt response by Mapfactor. Thanks anyway!

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