Adjustments for speedcam alerts
  • Hi,

    at the moment there is only the possibility to choose
    (or switch on) the speedcam alert at 100, 500 and 1000 meters before the
    speedcam point. 
    It would be nice, to have the following settings:

    1. setting a individual speed limit for every speedcam
    range (for example: Speedcam 50 / alert only when driving more than 55 km/h and
    so on)
    1.a. alternatively one speed limit tolerace (km/h) for
    areas inside a village/town and one speed limit tolerance (km/h) for alerts
    outside a village
    2. the distance for the alert: it would be nice to
    have the possibility to set this to seconds before arriving at the speedcam
    (for example from 5 to 30 seconds) and to set two or three alarms, in which the
    first one is given out when the target time is reached. The second at a 2/3 of
    the time and the third at 1/3 of the time (or 1/2 of the time when there are
    two alerts selectable

    At the moment I user POIbase in the background, because the setting for the speedcam alerts are also not perfect, but much more flexible than the settings in Mapfactor free (for android). 

    With more flexible settings I think I can switch off the background app. 



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