Nav18 Free _ internet search function not working.
  • Ive been using Navigator Free on a Laptop ( Win7) since Nav12. All versions have been faultless. However, I cannot get the internet search function to work on Nav18 Free.
    Just get address not found 
    All other functions appear to be normal.
    To setup Google or Yahoo search I am being asked to 'paste key from clipboard'
    Never had to do this before, so what am I missing here?
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  • Hi Gary, that is because Google started charging hefty fees, which we simply cannot absorb.

    you would need to obtain your own key from Google
  • Hi tomas, thankyou for that. Now I know its not ME.!!!
     Pity it used to be so easy. Could I suggest that this fact is made clear to other potential users.
  • I have a google maps api key, but internet search still does not work. What can be the cause? What particular google key do i need?
  • Google search needs to be modified, please be patient
  • Hello,

    Has this been fixed? I have an API key from Google as well but it's still not working. Can you use Yahoo instead?

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