Necessary files for speed camera warnings
  • I installed WINCE Version 17 several times over. The first time, speed camera warnings would work and could be configured. I had to re-install for other reasons and now I am getting the advice that I should check my installation. Some files are not found. Which files would that be? May-be they are there, but in the wrong directory,

    (Last time, I installed from my C-drive to the device which was H-drive. All navigation works as it should, just trying to configure speedcam warnings yields box coming up asking me to check installation.)

    Should I copy the install file to H and run it from there?
    Should I copy the file to H, disconnect the device and run installation on the device?

    This information gets lost in the description of the installation process.

    A graphic would help as well as a tree description of the files of a good installation.
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  • I installed an old version and the current version on top of it and all is fine now.

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