Can't find favorite.xml file
  • Anyone who can help me with this problem is welcome to comment

    Android 4.4.2,   MapFactor Navigator FREE v. 3.1.120

    My MapFactor app crashed, so I had to download again from GooglePlay, transferede installation to SD card.
    But all my maps waypoints, routes and favorites were lost.
    And I could not find ANY file in any backup directory.

    I  had an older back up of my favorites.xml file on my PC, which I copied to \\sd card\android/data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator

    But still I could not find any file or favorites in the program.
    I even did some new favorites and save them, but still no file favorites.xml were found.

    Now my phone and MapFactor is producing grey hair on my head.

    Assistance needed

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  • android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
    it could be on SD or internal storage
  • Thanks u no, Sorry,

    I allready looked in both locations several times, and did change installation between internal storage and SD several times 

    Even when I made some new favorites I can't find any file.

    Also deleted the MFN app several times and dowloaded/ installed again.

    I have seen that bot the word "favorite" and with another spelling " favourite" are used here, also tried to rename in search for the file.
  • I think in Android 4.4.x it was still the old storage way.
    Here on my old SAMSUNG s1 with Android 4.4.4 it's directly in the \navigator directory.
    SD card or internal storage, depending on how you installed it.
     It's spelled   "favourites.xml"

  • Hi and thanks Uli

    The only xml files I can find in \\......\navigator directory is:
    1. default_editor.xml
    2. editor.xml
    3. navigation.xml
    4. tts.xml
    5. vehicle_profiles.xml

    in the \\....\navigator\ subdirectories there are no xml files

    I have just loaded one map "Sweden", which I also not can find anywhere, something seems to be very wrong.

    Made a back up with MFN program and made a reset of the data, then reloaded the back up file but still it is not possibkle to find any file favorites/ favourites. But the 3 new favorites i just saved was restored.
    This is surprising because I used MFN app now for over 3 years fully satisfied.(98,9%)
  • After several removal of the MFN app, and restarting PC/ MS Explorer

    The file favourites.XML is now visible.

    Compairing an earlier back up I stored on PC harddisc.Obvious the file format is now different.


    But the good news is I'm running again

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