• Hello,
    I tested the new version on my PNA with WINCE 4.2 NET. With this old CE-Version and 64 MBRAM it's not running stable and useless.

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  • Do you really wonder about that? Your OS ist 15 years old. This is unfortunate for your PNA. You get Android phones for 50,- € and less and will have a quite modern PNA again ...
  • @ Oldie : No

    The previous Version was running without any problems so I will use it as long the Hardware is functional and the maps are supported. This old PNA is only a backup just in case my Android outdoor smartphone has a problem. 
  • I have to correct myself the WINCE-Version 18.1.7 is running. My vehicle setting from the previous version was the problem. The routing (cheapest) is even better then in the old Version. Great piece of software. Thx. =D>
  • Dear MapFactor Team

    I just updated the Navigator Free on my Wince device to version 18, but the newly installed undate does not load on the system. in fact I have lost my previous version (17) which was working properly now.

    please help on this issue



  • @ Iman : You should find older Versions as  "pnd_app.rar" on Your PC in the system folder C\ "ProgramData"\"Navigator"\"17.1"\"Install".  Unzip this file to a new folder "Navigator" on Your SD-card.
  • did you find it iman? please share it with me
  • yes shahrokh but do not know how to share?
  • thx, if you still have v17 wince on your device you still have the "pnd_app.rar" placed in navigator free folder you choose after installation in "install" folder (if you didnt update it to v18 else its replaced)
    or if you dont have it, from your memory card make those files a zip or rar file and upload it to a sharing website like or such
  • Frisian,

    Is not importing the settings from the previous version doing the trick? I have an Mio 350 pocket PC that is running well with version 17. After installing version 18 I have imported the old settings first. After that Ican chose a destination and I am getting the message that it's waiting voor GPS. The moment that GPS is found it quits the program.
  • Hi when will WINCE-Version be repaired? greetings

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