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  • I installed Navigatorfree on my car device XOMAX-2BT....., which runs on Windows CE 6. GPS is connected, the maps  are downloaded, the aoolication seems to run OK, but there is no map shown.
    Please advise.
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  • I herewith include the log file. I am wondering about the part COMPOSER DUMP

    sound_en                        : data version= 2, data creation=200809171, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\sounds_en.mca\', name=MapFactor - Lotta
    sound_en-us                     : data version= 2, data creation=201312030, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\sounds_en_us.mca\', name=MapFactor - Carly
    sound_nl                        : data version= 2, data creation=201101251, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\KAARTEN\sounds_nl.mca\', name=MapFactor
    sound_nl-mobikom                : data version= 2, data creation=201111170, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\KAARTEN\sounds_nl_mobikom.mca\', name=Mobikom BV
    sound_xx_signal                 : data version= 2, data creation=201001271, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\KAARTEN\sounds_xx_signal.mca\', name=Signal sounds
    import_cameralight              : data version=1002, data creation=201807040, vendor id=255, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\KAARTEN\cameralight.mca\'
    import_cameraspeed              : data version=1002, data creation=201807040, vendor id=255, license id=0, path='\SDMMC\PCDATA\KAARTEN\cameraspeed.mca\'

  • you have only sounds and cameras, no maps

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