Map always seems to start or finish at current location
  • Hello I am planning, or rather trying to plan, a driving trip to Scotland's W coast for sight seeing puproses.
    I live in N. Ireland.
    I have been trying various navigation methods as a means of storing numerous places where I wish to take photos, e.g.  google maps, navmii etc. etc. and am not having much luck. Maybe I am being thick where google maps is concerned but I am finding difficult to plan the route on a PC and then successfully send that route to my phone or tablet etc.
    The day of departure is approaching and as yet I do not have a such a route map yet. I have come across Mapfactor gps navigator and whilst it seems hopeful it continually routes me either to or from my current location, bearing in mind this entails crossing the Irish sea, frequently via the daft route of Heysham and the IOM, it is proving distracting and annoying. This all leads to the following questions
    1) Can I disable whatever it is that insists on including my current location in the route?
    2) What is the maximum number of waypoints between the start point and the destination. Given the number of picture taking places I am discovering I imagine I will, for 'sat nav' purposes, have to break the journey down into segments, though I seem to be getting a lot at the moment.
    3) Can I save a planned route? From what I can see I can only save a driven route, though a planned route does seem to survive the app being closed.


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  • 1) please use Calculate route, instead of Navigate
    2) I think 254
    3) you can save routing points set in to My routes
  • Wonderful ta, I think I must have somehow inadvertently entered the calculate route mode because the daft trip to or from home no longer appears. Coming up on 50 way points and haven't got near Glasgow yet!
    I'm going to 'have' to try it out on this side of the Irish Sea just to see how good it and my planning idea is, Google's street view is extremely handy but the given locations for some of the attached users' photos appear to be way way out!
  • I have found it easier to create routes on an android tablet and I can then successful share/send them, as gpx files, with/to an android phone but I can not share/send them with/to another android tablet.
    Neither tablet (Hudls Mk1 & 2) permits the receipt, via bluetooth, of gpx files, I have tried a couple of bodges to try and get around this problem without success.

    Where are the routes stored in the navigator program i.e. what is the full path to them? I am using the SD card storage option and, at a guess, the start of the path appears to be
    I am wondering if, with both tablets connected via USB cables to a a pc, I could use the pc to copy the relevant files from one tablet to the other? 
  • solved:
    copy the file "Computer/hudl2/sd_card/Android/data/com.mapfactor/files/navigator/routing_points.xml (as seen by windows on the connecting pc) from the donating device to the equivalent place in the receiving device, overwrite/replace if required, all saved routes appear to be copied across.

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