Map download/update stops
  • If I download several large maps (eg Italy and Spain) and the phone goes into sleep mode while downloading the first map, the download stops after the first map. After unlocking the phone, the next map is downloaded. It's not a WiFi issue: Other downloads don't stop when the phone is in sleep mode.

    Does anyone have a solution for the problem? Thanks!

    Navigator 3.1.120
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  • Go to settings (on Phone) Wi-Fi, Pick three dots on top right. Advanced. Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep then only when plugged in.
    If that doesn't work:-
    Turn on developer options. Pick stay awake, to stop phone going to sleep when charging.
    Put your phone on charge when downloading maps.
  • Assuming you have Android 7 then you must change the battery settings. Go to battery then click on the three dots at top right. Click on battery optimization and check to ensure that Navigator is NOT optimised. This will allow it to continue to run in the background.
  • Thanks for feedback very useful.

  • The problem exists at WiFi and mobile connection. WiFi is always on in sleep mode. Mobile background data isn't restricted. All battery and energy optimizations are off.

    Navigator should be able to complete the download when screen is off.

    BTW the download does not stop at the beginning of the sleep mode but only after the complete download of a map.

    Does anyone have the same problem?
  • i think google map server sometime error so after some check it


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