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  • I have installed navigator (4.0.70) on a smartphone without google apps.
    When I tried to search for an address I got he message "Navigator won't run without Google Play services which are not supported by your device"

    Are the google play services only needed for searching or  are there other tasks in navigator that use google play services??

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  • To give you an official answer: Mapfactor Navigator is on the devices without Google Play not supported.

    You may have problems with:
    -Navigator initialization (there is check if you have bought premium features)
    -Premium features buying (there is used Google payment method)
    -Showing Google Street Way (click on map/info/streetview)
    -Enabling Google Analytics can cause that you wont be able to start Navigator
    -Google Search engine won't work (also offline fulltext search can there crash because it search in Google if the address was not found)
    -Voice search
    -Backup data using Google drive
    -Sharing position
    -Opening navigator from another app (intents)
    -Downloading maps - there is used Google Ads (but I think this is solved on the most of custom roms)
    -Donate won't work
    -Closing app can causing crashes because of showing Ads, checking donation (just to not show the donate button)
  • Thanks for this thorough and helpfull answer.
    I have navigator with premium options installed on my googlefree samsung phone that I only use for driving routes on my motorbike.

    Here are my experiences on my phone
    -Navigator initialization -> no problems
    -Premium features buying -> done earlier
    -Showing Google Street Way -> I do not use this
    -Enabling Google Analytics can cause that you wont be able to start Navigator -> are disabled
    Search engine won't work -> I use mapfactor search but that gives an error
    -Voice search -> I do not uses this
    -Backup data using Google drive -> I do not use this
    -Sharing position -> I do not use this
    -Opening navigator from another app  -> I do not use this
    -Downloading maps - there is used Google Ads -> works without problems
    -Donate won't work -> I do not use this as I have bought premium fuctions earlier
    -Closing app can causing crashes because of showing Ads, checking donation -> no problems
  • I rephrase my question:
    Can I navigate an premade route from 'My Routes"  without google play services or is it possible that I get problems because I do not have google play services installed??????
  • It says not. I have an emulator without Google and MNF tells me the same.
    Did you try the gmscore from microG?
  • I normally have google play services deactivated and never had any problems with navigation. The only thing that doesn't work is searching with google.
  • @hvdwolf: when I am sure google services are needed then I will try gmsCore (Did you try it allready?)

    @jambafee: I expect that google play services is only needed for searching. But I want to be sure. If google play services are used during navigation this could  be a cause for the screen lagging and slowing down responsiveness of navigator.
  • I tried gmscore on another samsung phone (clean lineage install with supersu). First I had to flash with nano-dorid-patcher to enable signature spoofing. Then I installed gmscore + location backend (gsm location service) + address backend (nominatim). GmsCore is proper installed according to the selftest.
    Then I installed navigator. It freezes when I am searching. I think this has to do with the backends.

    I do not know how to continue so I stop this action.
  • \m/ @mes. So do I. On my Xperia Active there ist no more memory for Google apps, so I had to delete all of it. Memory is just 420 MB (plus micro SD). Updates are made by appexport from other devices. Memory

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