Cannot download paid UK Tom Tom map Samsung S4 android ver5
  • Hi 
    I  have just purchased a Uk Tom Tom map but have no way of downloading it. When the app starts I select Navigator using Tom Tom maps when prompted I select download maps, I can see that it has purchased next to UK map but cannot download it. When I go to map manager and download maps I do not see the UK map in the Tom Tom commercial data page, all I see is Sounds, speed cameras and required data.
    Please help I am leaving to the UK in a few days and need this to work.
    I sent logs and the PayPal transaction I'd is 4MT81324JR774974P
    Many thanks in advance.
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  • Hi Steve, open Navigator free, go to Settings/advanced and click Send logs
    please type your order ID

  • Hi Tomas
    Many thanks for the quick reply, as requested I have Emailed Logs together with Paypal Transaction ID.
    Thanks again for excellent customer service.
    Kind Regards

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