increase volume depending on speed
  • I use mapfactor 4.0.63 on my smartphone . The volume on the smartphone is set to maximum. In mapfactor I use the default sound option with a recorded voice.

    The noise on my motorbike is depending on the speed. Faster means more noise. The voice of mapfactor is always on the same level

    60 km/h: level of voice is good compared to level of noise.  This is ok.
    80 km/h: level of voice is slightly louder then level of noise. This is workable.
    100 km/h: level of voice is lower then level of noise. This is not good.

    I have two questions.
    1. Is it possible to increase the volume  so that the volume on my smartphone is 120%???
    2. Is it possible to make the level of the voice depending on the speed?
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  • All sounds of my smartphone are transferred into the helmet speakers via bluetooth and a Cardo compatible headset which lowers or raises the sound depending on the noise under the helmet.
  • I only have two speakers in my helmet. Worked perfectly for more then 10 years with a cable and my old garmin 2720. The volume was ok and depending on the speed (setting in the garmin).

    Now I have added a bluetooth receiver in my helmet. The smartphone with mapfactor replaced the garmin. The sound is transferred by bluetooth. (default setting in mapfactor and maximumvol me on the phone).

    I expect that there are tricks to increase the maximum volume of the smartphone. I googled and found several solutions to this but have not tried them yet.

    I would like to see a setting in mapfactor that makes the volume depending on the speed (as it was in my garmin).

  • My Cardo bluetooth receiver is exactly doing this. Does yours not have this feature?
  • No, I do have a simple bluetooth receiver about the size of an AA battery. It does not have any features
  • Hm, I think you have to invest in a better headset, I think it's worth it
  • Thanks for pointing this out to me. A better headset could solve this problem.
    I am a touristic driver and prefer the smaller 60 km roads  so the problem is small.

    At this moment is use an old smartphone (stripped all unnecessary apps) for mapfactor.  Because it is an old phone it does not have a lot of memory.  Unfortunately mapfactor has a memory problem (is known) that creates a lag for the screen after 60-70 km (on my phone). That means the screen lags behind and becomes unresponsive. I think that this problem is much smaller on newer phones becuase they are faster and have more memory, I do not know. When mapfactor behaves without problems on my phone I  will think about investing in a better headset. 
  • How about a newer smartphone first, maybe a used one...?
  • yesterday I made a trip with my motorbike. Halfway the battery of my old samsung was empty so I replaced the samsung with my normal phone, a motorola E4 plus.

    result: no more screenlagging (or it is so minimal that I did not notice it). Unfortunately the maximum volume of this phone is less then the volume of the old samsung. I will have to increase the volume of the motorola (is not rooted so this could be a problem) or find an other bluetooth receiver/amplifier for my helmet.

  • This should not be the problem. Search the Google play store for a free volume booster and try this first....

    And for poor Handy batteries install an USB charger plug or just throw a powerpack in your tankbag. A 10.000mAh pack will easily do its job - including navigation - a whole rider's day long.

    I'm running the powerpack setup with an old Galaxy S5 on my Guzzi for more than 2 years now and there is nothing to moan about.
  • I tried some volume boosters but no succes yet. Volume boosters seems to work only on rooted phones. My samsung is rooted but my motorola is not rooted (tried but did not succeed). I think I have to change the speakers in the helmet, the bluetooth receiver or add an portable headphone amplifier. I expect that the amplifier will be the best (affordable) solution.

    I have an usb charger plug (1A) on my motorbike. That should be enough for my old samsung (charges with 0.5A).
    When I start with a battery that is more the 75% full then at the end of the day the battery is completely full so the charging works.
    When I start with a battery that is half full (50%)  then the battery will not be charged at all so it stopps after a while.  Strange, I do not know how this is possible.

    And I drive a guzzi too (a 1976 V7)!!!!!!!!!

  • just tried another volume booster by goodev. This one seems to work on my motorola. Nice.
  • Guzzi rules! I own a 77 LeMans 1 and a 2012 Griso 1200 8V. You know the red Guzzi forum? I suspect You to be German....?

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