Motorcycle headset ringtone volume low
  • Is there anyway to increase the ringtone volume when using an android phone that is connected via Bluetooth to a motorcycle headset? At the moment it is hard to hear the ringtone even though the sound volume is good.
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  • Check settings of headset and phone, rather than Mapfactor Navigator?
  • All settings on the phone and also on the headset are set to maximum
  • My problem is the exact opposite. Volume of MF and phone calls are OK whereas the phone ring itself is so loud that you will expect Your ears flying away. The reason is that the MF and phone call volume are done by the phone and the ringing itself is generated by the bluetooth headset with the volume set to max.
  • Could the developer confirm whether the low ringtone volume problem I have is with Navigator, my phone or my motorcycle headset?
  • We cannot say where exactly is the problem. The volume can be controlled by Android (by any app in the phone) or by headset. Navigator does not change the volume.
  • Do You run a dashboard app besides MF?
  • I run Tom Tom Speed Camera and more recently I run Fobo Bike which is for tyre pressure monitoring. I had the low ringtone volume before installing Fobo Bike.
  • You can use a 3rd party volume booster app at klingelt√∂ne kostenlos
  • The phrase "Motorcycle headset ringtone volume low" implies that the ringtone volume on a motorbike headset is set to a low level, implying that the sound emitted while receiving a call or notice is insufficiently loud.

    A motorcycle headset is a gadget that enables motorcyclists to speak with one another or with other devices while on the road. It typically contains speakers and a microphone incorporated into or connected to a helmet. These headsets are intended to improve communication without jeopardising the rider's safety.

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