No alternative routes found as of today
  • This has not been an issue previously: I searched a destination this morning and saved the result to 'My places'.  Choosing 'Navigate', one route alone displayed.  I searched a local postcode, which has returned three choices always, and selected 'Navigate' directly.  One result again.
    I have Premium Features, and 'Alternative Routes' is shown as 'In purchased pack'.
    'Alternative routes' is checked in Navigation>Advanced.
    I am running version 3.1.120 on my Moto G 4G Android 'phone.
    I have powered my 'phone off and on to no avail.  
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  • not all routes have reasonable alternative and, of course, it also depends on your vehicle settings
    please provide departure and destination, we will check
  • Tomas
    I thank you for your prompt reply.
    Search 1: Postcode RG9 4ED (Binfield Heath) to Postcode RG19 8BD (Ashford Hill)
    There are clear choices of alternative routes to this destination, as I know historically.
    Search 2: Postcode RG9 4ED (Binfield Heath) to Postcode RG9 1TF (Henley-on-Thames)
    Previous navigation calculations have resulted in three choices to this destination, as I wrote in my original post.
    I have changed vehicle settings recently to reflect more appropriate speeds of different classes of road.  I would not expect those changes to prevent choices.  I have not excluded any road classes except 'Other road'.

  • Problem solved.
    I had changed 'Preference' percentages in 'Road Restrictions' to decrease according to the roads hierarchy, in addition to changing the speeds themselves.  Returning 'Preference' to 50% in all cases resulted in three routes appearing once again upon calculating navigation.
    It leaves me to wonder further how to use 'Percentage' effectively? 

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