Set the zoom level for autozoom
  • Hello,

    in the WinCE version I always modified the settings.xml manually to set the minzoom to 0 and the maxzoom ot 4.
    This has suited me well for years and is much better than the 2/5 default setting.

    Now using Android I do not have this option. Not in the GUI and not setting in the config file.
    Please add this as config option to Andriod.
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  • Hi all,

    this proposal is a little bit older but I think it's an good idea!

  • Hey Mapfactor-Team,

    are you planning to realise this feature? (to choose the zoom level for the autozoom? I think it's time to have some new features. ;)

  • This is really contradicting: set a zoom level for "auto" zoom :)

    In that case it should be called as min/max zoom levels (or something better)

    (Note that I'm not against the feature request)
  • Yes Please.
    This has frustrated me for a long time, especially on a smartphone screen the basic setting is too far zoomed out. Who needs to see the map 4 kilometers in front of the direction of travel? You can manually zoom in but after a few seconds it zooms out again, not ideal when you are trying to decide which is the right or left hand turn you are supposed to take. Happend to me today, I missed the turn and had to turn around and come back. Should be called auto re-zoom, (or auto frustrate)
  • Hi to all,

    again I tear this theme to the top. A new version of Navigator for Android, but nothing new with the zoom. It's as bad as before. The max zoom level is too small, I think. No chooseble auto-zoom levels.

    Is there any trick to to increase the max zoom level in the app? I think with the aktual possibilities it's not really helpfull for the last meters as a pedestrian. (pedestrian is only for example)


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