One-way arrow on all one-way segments
  • Hi,

    How to display the "one-way" arrows on all segments?

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  • Hi all,
    One vote, thank you. ;)
    Showing one-way roads would be more professional.
    I am surprised that this lack makes react anyone ?!
  • Hi @MacDony,

    as I understand from the screenshot it works with default color scheme but not with the custom color scheme.
    I guess that problem is with the custom arrows. The map renderer supports only few resolutions of the one-way pattern. I recommend you to use default one-way pattern or use the same resolution as it is in other color schemes.
  • @lubos,

    With the "default color scheme" as with the "custom color scheme"
    On 4 road types, there is no one-way route setting.
    The problem comes from here in my opinion.

  • You are right, this route types do not support one-way route setting in Navigator.
  • You can add them ?!
  • No, I am externalist, I cannot do operation like this. This is too complex change - it affects routing, renderer and maybe MCA format.
  • Too bad, the visual is very important for a GPS navigation application.
    But thank you for your answers.
  • Hi,

    Sorry if I restart this topic, but all the one way roads are in the Mca files, so it does not affect the route calculation.
    It's just a missing parameter problem for displaying one-way routes for some type of segment.

  • Hi,

    I searched a little ...

    There is in the file "":

    for Minor roads :

              <drawer type="line" purpose="fromto" status="visible">
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_FT" zoom_max="15" />
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_THIN" zoom_min="15" zoom_max="60" />
              <drawer type="line" purpose="tofrom" status="visible">
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_TF" zoom_max="15" />
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_THIN" zoom_min="15" zoom_max="60" />
              <drawer type="line" purpose="closed" status="visible">
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_XX" zoom_max="15" />
                <face id="STREET_MINOR_LINE_THIN" zoom_min="15" zoom_max="60" />

    while for Major roads, there is only:

              <drawer type="line" purpose="main" status="visible">
                <face id="STREET_MAJOR_LINE" zoom_max="15" />
                <face id="STREET_MAJOR_LINE_THIN" zoom_min="15" zoom_max="200" />

    In the file "" it would be necessary to create the data:

         <id type="line">STREET_MAJOR_LINE_FT</id>
         <id type="line">STREET_MAJOR_LINE_TF</id>

    But this is just an idea ... ;)
  • would change the behaviour of the scheme editor (but maybe it would crash because of not matching *.style files).

    The album style has to match renderer code and mca format.

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