Difficulty installing Navigator 17

  • I got a NEW 8gb sd card.




    I used Navigator 17 Utility to install the sd card

    First I installed the navigation app    - Successful no errors

    Then I installed the maps                   - Succseful no errors

    I then inserted the sd card into my radio/gps device I
    switched on ignition I switched from tuner to gps It prompted me for the
    purchased licence key I gave it:


    It liked it, gave me the activation code:


    I came back to the pc and went to the registration page I
    submitted all my details, purchased licence code and activation code, it liked
    it first time  The page gave me a NEW licence code I took it to
    the car.

    I entered the licence code and it liked it.

    I exited the gps and switched off ignition.

    I switched on and selected GPS again

    I immediately went to the blue display with the world
    maps I selected MENU started to configure the installation I registered one
    address(destination) and had it displayed on the maps. Looked fine.

    I tried to edit the speed cameras warning sounds.  NO '.WAV' files!!!!!

    I Exited the Gps and switched ignition off again Switched
    on again.

    Gives Hardware check failed

    Now re-iterated and prompt repeatedly for
    licence code, on replying NO, the FREE version wants to work (limited!)


    I don’t know what to say. What bugs me most, the
    halfbaked nng navi go, which I got with the car works perfectly, but cannot be upgraded......
    and on similar sd card!!!! I figured maybe that does not do a hardware check,
    don’t really know, I start to feel really inapt!!!. I believe I do everything

    (Once my wifes garmin nuvi gave problems, I FORMATTED IT
    and reloaded the original software which I backed up when we bought it about
    ten years ago, did the updates, I bought maps for life and speedcams, installed
    the works and that device is STILL super, working unit!)


    This one is NOT going easy!!!

    Any Suggestions?

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