Ongoing problem with phone volume
  • When I am using Navigator on my android phone and I receive a phone call the volume of the caller is fine but as soon as I am at a point where Navigator would verbally give me a direction the phone volume drops to a level such that I cant hear the caller. This also happens if I run the route simulator and I am conversing on a phone call.
    This happens when using Bluetooth connected to my motorcycle headset. I have now tested this problem on a different phone and get exactly the same result. I have no problems with incoming calls when connected to my motorcycle headset when I am not using Navigator. This makes me think that Navigator is still the source of my problem. Can anyone help?
    P.S I tried the other sound output channels and they make no difference.
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  • This may be a behavior of Your headset. My Cardo makes phone calls prior to other inputs, so You don't hear other sources at all, be it Navi advices or music.
  • On mine the priority seems to be be the navigation voice having priority over the phone. The phone call is being muted and not returning back to normal volume when a navigation instruction is given. I have no problems with incoming calls if Navigator is not running.
  • Navigator is an excellent software but this problem is so annoying
  • I would be very grateful if the developer of the software could look at this problem.
  • did you try the latest version, 4.0.x?
  • I am using version 3.1.120 Where do I find version 4.0.x ?
  • It is ok, I have joined the beta testing progrsm and have downloaded the latest version. I will try it and let you know the result. Thank you.
  • Anyway I just want to mention, that I don't have such a problem with my configuration.

    It is a Xperia compact 1, Android 5.1.1. MF Navigator 4.0.40. Headset is a Parrot SK4000, a quite antique one
  • Tomas, I have tried the version 4.0.x and now the volume of incoming calls seems to be perfect. Thank you VERY much. When I am receiving an incoming call the voice navigation instructions are cut off can you confirm that is what should happen?
  • It can behave on every device differently... Basically we cut off nothing in navigator, we just stop sending next voice messages and the cut off is done by Android or bluetooth headset.
  • Lubos, thank you

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