"ping" signal before voice instruction after long silence
  • On business trip again in a rental car. This rental car's navigation system has an ingenious option (I think).
    When having lots of navigation instructions in a town, it simply mentions the navigation instructions.

    If you are on a motorway and after having driven 50 km or more, it gives a soft "PING" before announcing the instruction (take the next exit or so). I consider this handy in case you have "fallen asleep" and simply listen to music or radio and the audio simply goes in one ear and and leaves through the other. This soft ping "wakes you up" and you can fully concentrate on the instruction.

    I think it is a good addition, but if it gets added I think it should be configurable: some people might like it, some might hate it. Also when on a highway MNF gives the first instruction 3km (or 2 km?) before the exit, some 500 meters (?) before, and when taking the exit. You should really be in a "deep sleep" :) if you miss them all, but still I think it is handy.
    (also: it is a soft ping, not one of those earth-shaking warning sounds in MNF.)
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  • Such a ping will also help my motorcycle headset (an old parrot device), to switch from phone to navigation, so the navigation command will not be eliminated on the switching procedure. May be, I will not hear the ping itself then ;-)
  • Good idea; when driving with mij family it would be usefull so the know when to be quiet to let me hear instructions.

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