Problem with Bluetooth volume
  • I have mentioned this problem before but it has not been fixed yet! I use the app with my Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom. All works well apart from phone calls. Initially the volume is loud but within a minute of the phone call starting the volume drops to an unusable level. Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a solution? This is very frustrating as the navigation part of the app is perfect.
    Regards Colin
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  • Depends on how MFN sound channel output settings are set. Mine are Standard, no problems.
  • 2highlander, do you receive incoming phone calls to a motorcycle intercom/headset whilst using MFN and is the volume good and loud or does the volume drop down to an unusable level after a 10 to 15 seconds?
  • Yes, I use it with a Schuberth SRCS. During phone calls navigator is dimmed, all ok so far.
  • Hi,
    Use defaut volume with Scala rider G4 Bluetooth
    and No probleme.
    Use custom volume -> probleme
  • I am beginning to think therefore that there may be a problem with my phone.

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