Lanes getting displayed only for a short time
  • Hi,

    I have noticed that on some junctions, the lanes are getting displayed only at the very end of the street, right before the junction node. It's not possible anymore to change lanes at that point when driving.

    Here are links to an example:
    The place in route simulation mode: (the way tagged with the lanes starts at 0:04)
    The lane and its tags in Vespucci:
    The way in OSM:

    I've waited until this area got updated today (Germany-North) because I've edited it recently, but it's still doing the same.
    I've noticed it on other junctions too. Is that a bug or did I do something wrong in OSM when tagging the lanes?

    Also, is it possible to display the lanes a little earlier in general - even before entering the segment the lanes tag is attached to? Sometimes it's better to know which lanes you'll have to use before entering the part of the street where the turning lanes split up so it would make things easier if a driver knew that they'll have to change to a specific lane a little while before.

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  • I agree, especially on motorways I find that I am already at the slip road before I am told to exit the motorway or to keep left or right so I find I have to constantly glance at the screen to have a little prior warning of what maneuvers are coming up. 

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