Sound output channels and phone call volume
  • Is there anywhere that explains the use of the Sound Output Channel settings and if not can someone explain what they are used for?

    When I am using Navigator on my android phone and I receive a phone call the volume of the caller is fine but as soon as I am at a point where Navigator would verbally give me a direction the phone volume drops to a level such that I cant hear the caller. This also happens if I run the route simulator and I am conversing on a phone call. Anyone else had this problem and is there a solution?

    I forgot to mention that this happens when using Bluetooth connected to my motorcycle headset.
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  • There are two Bluetooth protocols A2DP and SCO. A2DP is permanent connection and SCO is for calling only.

    Sound output channel items:
    -default: when connected by bluetooth A2DP is used
    -custom volume: is using for voice message sound channel for notifications (so users can have navigation messages with different volume than music player)
    -use vehicle sound system over bluetooth: it simulates voice call on every navigation message (in car audio system it should mute music, say navigation info and resume music)
    -pause device music player on navigation information: it was a feature request that when someone is hearing audiobook then navigation sent pause to player on navigation message and resume on the end of navigation message (it does not work with every media player)

    About changing volume. I tried to disable manipulating volume by navigator in the last Navigator beta (4.0.28+) but there is currently some problem with our APK building system.
  • It would be great if you could confirm/fix it because it is a great program but it is a big problem not being able to hear phone calls lol. ;-)
  • There are still problems with phone call volume and Bluetooth, I thought this had been fixed?

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