Search Address Bug
  • Opening search  'Mapfactor classic searching', screen is overwritten with previous search until search changed to 'Prefer Mapfactor' then back to classic search then the screen input fields are clear.
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  • Have you found the solution? Because I have the same problem with my mega joker play free game source and I can't fix it
  • I cannot replicate this, please give more details
  • Very simple 
    1 Search for an address with 'Mapfactor classic searching'.
    2 Pick show on screen.
    3 Use the back arrow from the map screen to return to menu.
    4 The last search is overwritten by in my case previous town center searches (not in any particular order)
    5 You can scroll the last search screen up and down and the previous searches (in bold print) stay in place on the screen.

    When phone goes into sleep mode then comes back on the screen is normal (no longer overwritten) or pick a different type of search then pick Mapfactor classic search again and the screen is normal.

    Looking at it again I see that it is the search history that is overwriting the screen in a one or two point larger text.

    Hope this helps

  • it does not happen to me, it could be something with fonts you use?
  • Have not changed the font is as installed.
  • Also the same with my Galaxy Tab with reinstall just yesterday. (Failed SDHC card)

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