Tom Tom Maps wrong city Name OSM Maps right city Name
  • Using MapFactor Navigator for Android on both my Galaxy S7 phone and on an android tablet.  Both the latest version of the software. On my phone  I'm using the OSM maps.  On my tablet, which I use basically as a GPS. I have the paid TomTom maps for a car.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I live in the town of Bettendorf., Iowa zip code 52722. There is a difference When I put my address or any Bettendorf, Iowa Address in.                          On the OSM maps. It is correct. for example      XXXX Sunburst Dr. Bettendorf, Iowa
    But when I do the same thing in the TomTom Maps the address shows up as  XXXX Sunburst Drive,  Pleasant Valley, Iowa.
    Any Street in Bettendorf Iowa shows up with Pleasant Valley being listed instead of Bettendorf.  

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