After new installation download doesn't ask for download location
  • I'm having a lot of problems installing the app again. It doesnt ask where to download the maps, it just downloads them straight to the internal memory. Changing location of the maps afterwards results in them being copied to the SD card but not moved i.e.they still clog up the √≠nternal memory. When you click on delete maps the app crashes. I'm not a happy bunny! Does anyone have the same problem? This happens on two different devices: Motorola G 2nd Gen Android 6 and Honor 8 Android 7
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  • you need to use Navigator to move to SD, Android does not do it properly
  • @tomas I did use Navigator to change the location of the maps. It didn't work properly. When I went into the settings again after moving the maps, there was no selection made i.e. the radio buttons were both un-selected. After I repeated the move to SD card, it then resulted in no maps being found at all and consequently the app didn't work. 
    On one device I managed to go in via a PC and deleted the extra files on the internal memory and on the other I ended up uninstalling the lot and start again. Being forced to install to internal memory, I only downloaded one map, moved it with the app and then downloaded the rest. Extremely frustrating and time consuming! Shouldn't the app ask where to download the maps to in the first place?
  • I had this problem last night when trying to update MFN.

    I had to uninstall and then reinstall...
  • Navigator does ask where to install maps when 'fresh' install is performed

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