[Windows Mobile 10] Not possible to remove maps from phone
  • Hi,

    mapFactor Version:
    running on Nokia Lumia 640 phone /w windows 10 mobile and OSM maps.

    I want to delete a map. All maps are stored on SD Card.

    So I do:
    -> Kartenmanager ("Map manager")-> Europe -> France OSM -> ... -> heruntergeladene Dateien ("downloaded files") -> France West OSM -> Datei löschen ("delete file").

    After a few seconds I get "MapFactor Diese Datei wird derzeit verwendet und kann jetzt nicht gelöscht werden. Bitte starten Sie die Anwendung neu,  und versuchen Sie es erneut." ("File is currently in use and cannot be deleted right now. Please restart application and try again.")
    (Press OK).

    So I restart MapFactor and return to this settings, but it still is not possible to delete the map.

    What am I doing wrong? Why is it not possible to delete a map?

    Thanks and many regards,

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