Sound output channel forced to device speaker
  • Request for an additional setting of sound output channel to "internal device speaker".
    When I connect my android smartphone to my car via bluetooth for hands-free phone calls, all sounds from MFN are automatically routed also via bluetooth to the car system. MFN sounds are then interpreted by the car system as phone calls. It works, but the car radio is always interrupted during MFN sounds for several seconds what is horrible when you drive through the town with many navigation voice commands.
    I found a workaround with android app "SoundAbout" to force the media sound output to internal device speaker instead of bluetooth.
    Then the car radio is unaffected and MFN sounds come out of the smartphone speaker. But the phone calls are still connected by bluetooth between smartphone and car system.
    An additional sound channel setting in the MFN menue would be very helpful to force "internal device speaker". 

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