Imported POI as mca file not working with newest version
  • mca-file which was created with digger QT was working fine before updating to Version 3.1.100. Now it is not working anymore. Any ideas ?

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  • Does the mca appear in the search imports list?
  • Hi Frank
    I am experiencing a similar problem. The mca files display the correct icon but 'get info' displays nothing. The same files work correctly on my phone (Android 6.0.1) using OSM . However my tablet 7.1.1 only shows icons using either TomTom truck maps or OSM.
    I have emailed Tomas who does not see that what I describe is possible.
    Now there are two of us with similar symptoms.
  • I can't reproduce this issue, in Qtdigger I tagged name and showonmap. But ok, I admit that the discription cannot be seen in all zoom steps. When invisible, I have to zoom a little in or out and the description exactly appears where you would expect it due to your digger settings.
  • Get info function has different implementation for HW and SW renderer. Please write in which renderer it does not work.

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