Totally diappointed after update to new Android version
  • Many out there don't like the new look of the app itself after upgrading to the latest version. Well, you really have to get used to the new look, no question. But while I could live with that I am totally disappointed that in hardware mode trees will not be shown any more, only in software graphics mode. Since I sometimes use Mapfactor Navigator as a pedestrian as well and need to know whether there is a forest or a meadow on my way I am really really disappointed. I wonder why Mapfactor did this although they claim they didn't change anything but as a matter of fact it seems they did since forests had always been shown as forests in previous versions. I hope this is only a bug and will be fixed soon.
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  • I am told that this is problem with devices which do not calculate perspective correction according to OpenGL standard.
    on  my device trees are visible
  • First, I would open the scheme editor and have a look whether the forest areas are setup correctly. If it is, You may simply ban the forest fill and choose a lighter or darker green, which may also be more simple to render as trees and therefore save a little battery power.
  • I'll give it a try, thank you. Still wondering that it had always worked til last update.
  • Tried several schemes, changed fills, but didn't solve my problem. Trees visible in software mode but not in hardware mode. Maybe really a OpenGL problem although it had always worked in previous versions. Wonder I can download previous version somewhere.
  • So I just downloaded and installed previous version 3.0.125 and everything looks fine again. Think I will have to stick with this version since I checked my OpenGL version and it's 2.0 which means rather old. Thanks for your help.
  • Don't bother, I'm also running 3.0 due to some design issues I can't live with because of using MFN on the motorbike. Let's wait and see what will happen.

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