Follow position without following a route
  • I often go out on my my motorcycle with no specific route or destination. How do I setup Mapfactor Navigator Free for Android to show my position and notify me of Speed Cameras etc without having input a route or destination. I am sure this must be easy to do but can someone give me instructions? Thanks
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  • I would be also very interested in exactly the requested function to see the actual speed limit of the road I am driving without navigation to a certain destination. Car navigation systems have this mode and it works very precise. So if you missed the speed sign, you always can have a look to the screen and see the speed limit symbol. I think an algorithm is needed to correlate the moving direction and the actual speed calculated from GPS data to the map.

    Then you could also have the speed limit alarm.

    The camera warning could be implemented as POI distance warning like app does.

    These functions would be very helpful when driving in a known area where you need no navigation, but you get assistance not to exceed speed limits.

    I wanted to start a new discussion about this feature, but I found this discussion is already in progress.

  • Running Mapfactor without setting a route will display the map & your position but speed camera alerts only work when in navigation mode.
  • I do not know of any app being able to do this and I have checked many.

    I suppose it simply has to do with plotting a GPS position on a map without navigation without even knowing which road we are on, simply a position,
    and navigating on a road where the app knows which road to use and on which road we must be on with all the accompanying "attributes"
  • I think, poi warning apps as are doing just this. They do not need a navigation. It is sufficient just to come near to a given position and they give a warning. I do not know, how elaborate they are in calculating from which direction you come nearer to a poi. So they may be warning you, if you come via the opposite direction and a speed or red light camera is not relevant for you. They may think, it is better to warn you more often than not to warn at all.

    Anyway I do not need all this. I do not find it to difficult to keep speed limits (sometimes with a certain surplus ;-) ) or to watch red lights. For them it is allways a matter of safety to watch. I am anyway faster than many other people albeith not the fastest. But fast anough.
  • I have a secondary navigation app that does warn of speed cameras and when your speed exceeds the posted speed limit even when no destination is set.
  • Thank you for your replies, much appreciated =D>
  • "I think, poi warning apps as are doing just this. They do not need a navigation. It is sufficient just to come near to a given position and they give a warning."

    That is indeed the difference. If speedcameras are attributes of the road it is more difficult. If they are POIs they are simply selected on distance to the GPS postion. That is also why POIs appear in your neigborhood and disappear when nearing them and driving away from then. But evne then you would see a speed camera on the parallel road as it is in POI distance like the petrol station or church or hospital.

    With speed limits it is even more difficult as they are road attributes. If they were POIs then how would you treat them? You might have 4-5 speed limits close by.  Would you simply take the one that is closest by? That is not an accurate method.
    Actually: that is the same for speed cameras.

    Actually this discussion it useless in my eyes. If you simply drive according the speed limits, you don't need to frantically keep an eye on speed warnings.

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