Navigator removed from Microsoft Store?
  • Hi All,
    After malfuntioning of my Windows Phone (Lumia 640XL) I just reinstalled the phone.
    It failed however to install MapFactor Navigator.
    When I click the link to the MicroSoft Store from the Mapfactor website it says:
      "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found"

    What happened?

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  • Microsoft removed Navigator as they do not like us selling TomTom maps.
    It is under review
  • Thanks Tomas,
    Let Microsoft make better S/W for my Windows Phone rather then blocking you from doing your business :-)
    This is an other reason to dump Microsoft (while I was soo happy with my WP 2 years ago. Unfortunately my WP has become worse and worse after every S/W update from them.

  • Hello, I'm in the same condition, I also bought the tomtom maps on mapfactor navigator, but after uninstalling now I can not install the main program anymore. How can I fix and reinstall mapfactor on Windows 10 mobile?
  • Thanks for the quick fix! 
    I just installed the new version on my Windows Phone and it seems to work great (like ever before :-).

    Thanks again!

  • please be patient, we have submitted a new version today

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