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  • Hello, i wont to transfer the Navigator App from one Android to another. All maps are on an SD card. But when i install the App on the new Smartphone with the old SD card with all the maps - the App tell me that are no maps found. Can me help someone?
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  • copy maps after installation
  • Did you setup Mapfactor on the new phone that it should keep the map files on the sd-card? Android versions are the same or different? If it is different there may be a different directory structure.

    As I did something similar as you did before (the new smartphone was the same type as the old one, which was broken), it worked that way. I even had all my favorites on the new phone, since there was no difference in the directory structure.

    @tomas: @wonzling wrote, that he has the maps on the SD card, so where should he copy to?
  • On Android every apk has its own user and group and rights on folders (different from normal linux)
    If your folder was /Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator then that folder is owned by another apk (user) on your other phone.
    Copy the maps to some temporary folder. 
    Reassign mapfactors folder to internal and then back to external. 
    Only download the world map and then copy back your other maps.

    An other option is to use the folder /navigator directly on your sdcard. That is "general accessible"

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