Need help with maps download
  • I live in the US, I've downloaded & installed MapFactor on my Microsoft Lumia 950 phone with Win 10 OS. I've been successful in downloading a few states. I am now at a point where I want to add a few more states but I get a message there isn't enough free space. Most of these files are like 35 MB and I have more than 100 GB free space so I don't understand why I receive this error? Thanks, Blair...
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  • to my knowledge Lumia 950 does not have 100GB storage space

  • Never mind, the app begin to cause my phone to freeze. I uninstalled MapFactor, my phone is back to its former self, all other apps work great. The phone had started to hang on all apps and wouldn't allow me to place or receive a call. I'm just out 20 €. I'm curious thou, I downloaded the app and a couple of maps to an SD card and not the device it's self, is there a chance that would make a difference? Again thanks...
  • Tomas thanks for the reply, I have installed a 128 GB micro SD card..
  • probably because you run out of space
    you need to move Navigator to SD, it will not be done automatically

    You need to go:
    Settings - System - Storage - then click on "this device" - applications and games - find our MapFactor  and click on "Move" - there you can choose where do you want to move the installation.

  • I reinstalled the app as well as several US state maps, this time on the phone storage. It seems stable enough and the other apps run okay now. I have much less free space on the phone storage than I do on the micro SD card but it works and that's all that matters, thanks Blair

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