setting voor visible/invisible water area
  • When zoomed out the water areas in the Netherlands are not visible. When zooming in the water areas become visible.
    see tow images on

    I made a screenshot of the netherlands on low zoom level (not ok). Then I clicked once on the +-sign and made a second screenshot (ok).

    I can not find a setting to make the water visible on low zoom. Is there one?
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  • this is normal
    some features are not displayed in high zoom
  • I also reported this once for the IJsselmeer. The answer at that time was that the multi-polygon might not be correct. AFAIK the "map maker" at that time who left MNF, mentioned that.

    The "current" answer that "some features are not displayed in high zoom" is very unlikely to me. The Ijsselmeer is a huge water mass compared to the whole Netherlands map. Features disappearing are small map "items", not the large ones.
    If, instead of the Ijsselmeer, part of the entire western side of the Netherlands would disappear, would that also be a "some features are not displayed in high zoom"?

    Currently it is only MNF doing this for already 1½ years or so. OsmAnd, MagiEarth and other OSM nav apps do display the IJsselmeer without issues.
  • Edit: It was Nigel who mentioned it.
    And it is also the BodenSee.

  • Nigel is still making maps, he may respond
  • @hvdwolf - BodenSee was solved some time ago...

    The problem is that complete mailand is stored in earth_osm.mca. To reduce size of this file there are ignored lake polygons (since 2017 excluding BodenSee).

    Ijsselmeer is accordoing to polygon topology lake for us.

    To speed up map rendering lakes are visible from some certain zoom.
  • The tagging for both the BodenSee and the Ijsselmeer is identical,whereas the Bodensee is 536 km2 and the Ijsselmeer is 1100 km2.

    Why is the Bodensee displayed and the IJsselmeer, being 2X as large, not?

    Same for "Lac de Neuchatel", 218 km2 and "Lake Geneva (Lac Leman)", 584 km2.
    They are also displayed and the 4x and 2x as large IJsselmeer is not. Even with the logic above from Tomas and Lubos, this is illogical and therefore simply a bug (an 1100 km2 bug) 

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