previewing a route
  • In Settings- Map customisation - map Scale I have (approximately) the
    following settings: Text Size 40%, Road Size 55% and Icon Size 50%.
    Navigating a route with this settings is ok .
    But when I want to
    preview the route on the map (Route Info - Show on map) the text and the
    icons are way to big. The route becomes unvisible. See the screenshot in the second post. Decreasing the size of the text and icons improves the picture  a
    little bit.

    I think this problem can be solve by connecting the visibility to the zoomlevels.  Perhaps there are other solutions to improve the visibility of the route.

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  • sorry, when I copy the screenshot to the comment the comment contains to many characters. So this does not work
  • posted the image on Imgur:
  • does not work also;
    Here is the url:
  • It is not necessary to enter a new post, just "edit" your previous post.

    Depending on the number of waypoints, you may have some coverage of the route. On my phone, the icon size for the waypoint is ok (smaller than your example) but may cover the route the route as well in the case, that there are many waypoints near to each other. I wonder, how this can be avoided. In that case, I have to zoom in sufficiently to see parts of the route. Even at the cost, that I have no more the route completely on the sreen.
  • The number of waypoints is 37. De distance of the route is 387km. I tried to use as little waypoints as possible. When I leave any of these waypoints out the route will change and that is not what I want.

    I would like the following behaviour on the preview:

    with route completely:
    I want to see the whole route and I do not need detailed information. So the waypoint flags (except start and finish) and the text boxes are not needed

    when zooming in I prefer more detailed information so I like to have the textboxes and the waypoint flags

    This behaviour can be achieved with the zoomlevels. The texboxes and waypoints are only visible on a certain zoomlevel and above.

    Another possibility is a setting to hide the text boxes and/or icons in the preview. 

  • 3.1.47 seems to have done something to the icon size of my own POIs!

    There has been no change in the MCA file but they now appear about 3 times the size on the route preview screen and the general map view. This is irrespective of the scale. They now block out the map when previewing a route which they never used to.

  • try to delete file located in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Many thanks and I'll give it a try.

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