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  • In OsmAnd I noticed an interesting option for downloading a map. You can choose between the full map and a 'street only' map. For driving I prefer this 'street only' map.
    I think this would be a great option for mapfactor too.
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  • The reason why this was done in OsmAnd is because of the huge size of the maps due to the enormous amount of details in the maps. For the bigger countries it was not all possible to create a full-country map due to the 2GB limit. Smaller countries were also going to that boundary.
    (Together with Victor I designed the version 2 roads-only maps when I was still involved with OsmAnd)

    The navigator maps are more geared towards driving and contain less details. They are also compressed  whereas OsmAnds maps are not compressed at all.

    If you only prefer less details for driving I would advice to create/copy a new profile. Edit this one in the profile editor and disable buildings and/or builtup and/or Greenery. 
    Or just see for yourself :)
  • I tried to customise the view of the map (see my post of august 12) but I could not get the clean result I wanted. Disabling buildings has effect on the Industrial Area.

    I still love the idea of OsmAnd.

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