edit map colors to hide buildings

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    Mapfactor 3.0.125

    I want to change the
    look of the map. I do not want to see buidings so I did the

    1. go to Settings –
    Map Customisation – Edit Color Scheme

    2. I cloned the
    Default profile to Test and opened this profile for editing

    3. In Global –
    buildings I removed the checkmark to disable this function

    4. Now there are no
    more buildings visible on the map. That is good. But the Industrial
    Area has disappeared also. That is not what I wanted.

    I enabled the
    buildings again and experimented with the capacity (0-255). I noticed
    that the color of the industrial area also changed. It looks like the
    Buildings category and the industrial area are connected.

    This was my first
    attempt. I restored the original sttings and tried another option:

    1. In Area –
    Buildings-High Zoom I changed the Build-in – Solid Color to
    Build-in – Transparent.

    2. Now there are no
    buildings visible except in the Industrial Area. In the Default
    profile the buildings are dark colored in the Industrial Area. Now
    they have a light color.

    I tried two times to
    remove the buildings in the map view. Unfortunately both options had
    difficulties with the Industrial Area.

    My question: Is
    there a way to prevent the buildings from displaying on the map
    without effecting other categories or items?

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